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Why I Consider Saturdays & Sundays The Best Days

Saturdays and Sundays are always my favorite. These two days, I always look forward to wearing my best clothes. People are usually excited about weekends, and they have their reasons behind it. Some plan to binge-watch their favorite series and meet their friends, while others plan to go on a weekend trip, and so on. Each of us has some plans for spending our weekend in a specific way, and so do I. To me, weekends are special, and I always look forward to them.

So, tomorrow morning, i.e., on Saturday, I will try to look good and beautiful. I will wake up early, brush my teeth, take a bath, wear clean clothes and comb my hair. Oh yes, I will put on those beautiful hairpins also, to keep my hair in the right place. But I am not sure about what to wear? Should I wear the pink dress with white laces or the sky blue frock with tiny yellow and red flowers? Maybe I can wear the yellow top and skirt set as I haven’t worn them in a while.

I have already cleaned the best clothes and ironed them. After all, who wants to wear untidy and wrinkled clothes on an important day. For an entire week, I may wear old and unironed clothes but on Saturdays and Sundays, I never compromise. You will be surprised to know on weekends I don’t watch TV or do any mischief. My entire weekend goes into doing things that bring out the best in me. You may ask what those things are. I make drawings, water plants, read rhymes, memorize tables, and make greeting cards.
These two days always fill me with hope, love, affection, and longing. You may wonder why a cheerful girl like me would long for anything? All of us long for something or the other, don’t we? You see I too want a few things in my life, and these aren’t just dolls, icecreams, cute hairpins, and crayons. However, it is not that I don’t want any dolls, shoes, crayons, comic books, etc. Apart from these things, I want the Almighty to fulfill my only dream. Yes, unlike others, I have only one wish and I don’t know when it will get fulfilled.

Every day, I sit by the window in my room and pray to the Almighty to fulfill my dream. On Saturdays and Sundays, I spend most of my time looking out of the window. Unlike other children, I always look out of the window and hope for some magic to happen. No, No, I don’t want someone to come and do a spell or a juju. It’s just that I want someone to help me live my dream once.

This year I will turn 10 years old and then I will be a big girl but my dream will always be the same. At times, I fear what if it doesn’t turn into reality. This fear breaks my heart and shatters my hope. It makes me feel helpless, and at times, I can’t stop my tears from rolling down. After wiping my tears, I ask the Almighty, ‘is it too tough to grant me what I want?’ Or is it that my prayers do not reach you? I don’t know if there’s any other way to ask Him.

The reason why I am growing so impatient is, that I don’t want to spend my 10th birthday without any family. For 9 years, I have been living without my mother and father. Children of my age often go to their schools and have ice creams with their parents. Though I stay within four walls of this orphanage, it doesn’t feel like a home to me. To be honest, I don’t know what a home is. There are many kids in this orphanage, and we consider each other our family but I want my parents.

One day I saw a movie on the only TV in our orphanage. The actor in the film was saying, ‘Parents are God and they are the reason we are alive.’ If this is true, why don’t I have my Mumma and Papa? If I am alive and breathing, then why did they abandon me? Is it that they are playing hide and seek with me or punishing me for being a bad baby?

Every Saturday and Sunday, several parents come looking for children and leave with the one among us. But not a single day in these 9 years, did anyone choose me. First, I used to think, maybe my clothes aren’t tidy, and therefore, nobody takes me home. So, I started saving my good clothes to wear on weekends. Still, nothing happened. Therefore, I learned to draw and make greeting cards. Whenever there’s a festival, I make cards for my parents. I keep them in a wooden box so that when they come and choose me, I can show how badly I awaited them.

If you are reading this Mumma and Papa, I want to tell you that I don’t throw any tantrums. I eat all the green leafy vegetables and make my bed. Not only this, but I also go to the nearby school and learn all my lessons by heart. All I want you to do is please come tomorrow and find me among all the kids. Please don’t take away someone else. I promise to be an obedient and loving daughter. Just come and take me home.

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