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Why I Don’t Want To Stay With My Parents

I love my parents, just like any other kid would do. My parents are no doubt an integral part of my life. Right from my birth till date, my parents have always showered their love upon me. Yet, I don’t want to stay with them. I know this is weird but staying with my parents is never on my bucket list.

Whether it’s staying in a different city or in a flat right next to them, I can’t share the same roof with them. Before you judge me, let me tell you I have sufficient reasons not to live with my parents. Growing up I often wondered why my home never feels like a home to me. I have my parents and other family members, yet we are rarely happy as those families shown in the movies.

Soon, I moved out of my parent’s home to my college hostel. Though I missed them, I was happy. Unlike others, I never felt homesick. I realized that privacy and personal space were the two things that I needed at my parents’ home. This was the first time I had tasted personal space, and trust me, it was addictive. After a few years, I moved to Bangalore, the city that helped me know who I am. 

While I was staying in Bangalore, I got to know the things that made me happy. I was enjoying my life like never before. For me, it was no less than hitting the reset button. At times, when I would go visit my parent’s house for a week or two, I would feel uncomfortable adjusting. My parents too found it odd as they felt how my tastes and preferences change from theirs. 

I won’t like the interiors of my own house. My parents were appalled after seeing me complain about the things I have seen right through my childhood. There were times when I thought maybe I don’t like these things because I stay in a metropolitan area. But again the problem was the same. 

I didn’t like my parents not getting along with my lifestyle. Though I follow a simple lifestyle with no sophistication or extravagance, my parents thought otherwise. I know we have an age gap and these differences are obvious. But what became problematic was they expected me to follow their lifestyle. They expected me to stop adopting a lifestyle different than theirs. 

I know my parents would want the best for me but the generation gap acts as a barrier between us. At times, it seems as if they don’t want to evolve with time. They won’t like the books I read as they believe I should read nothing other than core subject books. They don’t like to see me work on my laptop and attend online meetings. At first, I thought maybe they were concerned about my eyesight but it was something else.

Not only this but our thoughts and opinions rarely go insync. We have different wavelengths and I don’t blame them for this. After all, they were brought up in different environments and generations. They didn’t have access to so much exposure and a broad mindset as I have.

I know there is always a gap. They may not understand my work and lifestyle, no matter how much I try to explain to them. Staying away helps both of us to maintain our calm and be at peace. I want to stay close to them but not with them. This will help us respect each other’s opinions and personal space, which is crucial for peace at both ends.

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