You Are My Love
Short Stories

You Are My Love At First Sight

I remember the first time I saw you. It was a sight to behold. Your rosy cheeks, jet black hair, and pink lips caught my attention. You looked so divine and beautiful. It felt like I was meeting an angel, so pure and gentle. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Some people say, love, at first sight, is a myth as in order to love someone, one needs to know that person. But you are my love at first sight. 

The first touch of your skin gave me goosebumps. I must say, God gave you super soft skin. Do you remember, I had complimented you for your skin? Maybe you don’t remember it. But I could never forget any moment spent with you. There’s no chance of getting away from those memories because my life revolves around you. 

Now that we live together and have each other in our lives, I feel my life is complete. You made my life beautiful and colorful. Before this, I was just merely living it, doing the same mundane corporate job and participating in some group activities. It’s not that I didn’t have any friends or I didn’t want to try new things. I always wanted to do so, but I lacked the enthusiasm. I always considered myself a boring person. But you made me believe otherwise. Now I feel as if I am alive. I smile more often and dance my heart out with you, though I am not at all good at it. You changed the taste of my music, food, and fashion sense. 

The way you throw tantrums at times, tease, encourage and love me has given a new meaning to my life. Though there are times when you blow my mind by doing certain pranks, at the end of the day it’s all worth it. I may feel annoyed but just the mere presence of you lifts up my mood. There are times when I recall our sweet little moments and smile like an idiot. People often catch me staring at your picture and smiling. They don’t know that nothing matters more than you.

People often ask, “What kind of sorcery is this? How did you change so much?” I just smile and say, “It’s all because of my angel. She’s changed me and I am loving this change.” 

I can’t tell you the pain I have faced all these years but then I find solace in you. It’s so strange, isn’t it? To find someone who walks into your life and brings love to you. 

You often ask, “What do you ask from God while you pray?” Though I never answer this question of yours, I always ask the Almighty to keep us together. I can never imagine my life without you. Because my love, you have become my strength as well as my weakness. 

I don’t know if I deserve your pure love and affection, I do know that I can do anything to keep you safe and happy. Perhaps, therefore, I have been trying hard to give you the life you deserve. I promise to make things better with every passing day. No matter how hard I have to work, I’ll never give up as long as you are with me. 

Now it’s late and I think I should go to bed. Laying down beside you, I stare at your serene face. You seem like an angel who is fast asleep. I plant a soft kiss on your forehead and turn to stare at the ceiling fan running at its full speed. I know that you have been a strong girl. People often give you intimidating looks and ask you the questions they should not. But my love, stay strong as things will get better. I’ll take you away to a place where these stereotypes don’t matter. You’ll be living in a positive environment and making the best out of your life. 

It is then people won’t bother you by asking, “Who’s your father?” I promise I’ll be the best single mother. You won’t long to have the father who abandoned us while you were just a tiny cell in my womb. It’s been 6 years since he left and never bothered to come back. I know you wish to have your father just like your friends have. I find it heartbreaking and disturbing when people mock you for having no father with you. But they don’t know your mother has your back. It’s just that people find it difficult to get to things that aren’t usual.

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