You Are Safe In My Heart
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You Are Safe In My Heart…

I still reminisce about the day he came to my place for the first time. It was a cold winter morning and I woke up early. The fact that he was finally coming to my place, exhilarated me. My heart never pumped blood so faster. I still remember I was so exuberant that I did all my chores bang on time. Every 10 minutes, I would look at the wall clock and wait for the doorbell to ring. My heart never rested and was beating fastly. After all, he, my love, was coming to my place. How on the earth could I hide my excitement and happiness?

Finally, the doorbell rang.

“It must be him”, saying I ran towards the glass door.

I opened the door to see the most adorable being standing and looking into my eyes. The way he looked at me was so intoxicating.

In no time, he was in my arms. I hugged him tightly as if I would never let him go.

He was my love. In fact, to name it ‘love at first sight’ won’t be wrong.

I sat him down on the sofa. I was so in love with him that I couldn’t take off my eyes from him. My heart was beating even faster. Those eyes, I tell you, were probably the most beautiful I have seen so far. Having him right next to me, made me feel contented and lucky.

Only, if I was capable of, I would have stopped the time and lived a thousand lives in that moment. I felt a hundred butterflies flying in my stomach. My cheeks were as red as tomatoes and I was smiling ear to ear. Yes, I was madly in love with him. We finally started living together and it was so surreal.

He used to cuddle me everytime we sat together and would never stay away from me.

I used to sleep, he spent the night staring at my sleeping face.

I used to sit quietly, he used to cheer me up by tickling me here and there.

I always used to comb my hair and he never wasted a chance to play with them.

I preferred eating silently, he threw some tantrums to grab my attention.

At times, I would get mad at him, and he would try his best to please me.

I loved kissing his forehead and he loved rubbing his cheeks against mine.

I loved reading and he loved playing with his ball and peeping into my book.

I yelled at him to take a bath after he soiled himself by playing outside while he made a puppy face. 

I loved snuggling in my blanket and he loved going out in winter.

I used to pull him to bed under the warm blanket while he would try his best to go out.

I loved his joyful face and he hated my teary eyes.

Together, we made so many promises to each other. We wished for a million things in those moments.

It was a bliss. But destiny had some other plans. I remember that fateful winter morning that ruined everything.

I was in the kitchen, preparing some snack to munch on while watching our favorite show when I heard a loud screeching sound. It was as if someone had forcefully applied brakes to their vehicles. Curious, I went out.

The moment I stepped out of the house, my whole world came crashing down. He was some 30-40 meters away lying in a pool of blood. All those promises that we made, seemed to vanish like a vapor. I ran towards his motionless body. Though he was alive, he was moving towards death every second. He was breathing heavily. His eyes were probably finding my presence. Finally, he saw me running towards him. He tried to lift his head but failed.

“Please don’t go. Have courage. Nothing will happen to you, love. Please stay awake”, I cried.

“Somebody please help me. Take him to the hospital. Help me, please”, I cried louder.

He struggled for every single breath. Some tears rolled from both his eyes. I don’t know if those were from the pain caused by the accident or by seeing his girl in tears. My heart ached after seeing him bleeding profusely.

Somehow, I lifted him in my arms saying, “Love, for my sake, don’t close your eyes. Please don’t leave me alone.”

Devastated, I somehow brought water to him. Sadly, he couldn’t even drink a single drop. We took him to the hospital as soon as we could.

“Doctor please save him. He was hit by a vehicle. Do something, I beg you.”

He examined his pulse and looked into his eyes.

“What happened, doctor? Take him inside and operate on him. Do something.”

He examined him and gave an injection. Next, he turned toward my uncle and said, “I am sorry, he can’t be saved. He has a skull fracture and his neck bone is broken. Moreover, it is too risky to operate as the chances to survive seem little.”

“But doctor how can you say that. He has no health issues. You can surely cure him. Please understand, I can’t live without him.”

“How am I supposed to live without you dear? Please do something, doctor,” I cried bitterly.

I kept on pleading to the doctors and Almighty to save him.

And then my eyes witnessed the most dreadful scene. I saw the way he took his last breath.

He was gone. He left me alone and crying. His tears and blood-soaked face were one of the most dreadful things I have witnessed so far.

I don’t know if my cries of separation were audible to his soul or not but yes, his lifeless body was painful to see. I cried so bitterly that my uncle too couldn’t hold his tears.

We came back home with his lifeless body. I can’t explain the pain of carrying the lifeless body of someone you’ve loved so much. It feels heavy not because the soul is gone but because you know all your love and happiness have died too. No matter how hard you try, you can’t measure and explain the profound pain.

With heavy hearts, we cremated him that very day.

Now, it’s been almost 9 years since I lost my darling pet dog, Bruno. I fell in love with him the moment I saw his photograph. My cousin had brought him to our home. He was just a month old but very active and playful. Bruno and I loved each other so much. To me, he was one of the best things that has ever been mine.

Even today, I remember, how lovingly he used to wag his tail whenever I called him to play with his favorite ball or returned from my evening classes. He used to jump and lick my cheeks. I regret being so careless to leave the main door unlatched to let him go outside that winter morning.

For the world, Bruno is not alive but for me, he is never dead. He is safe in my heart and will stay there forever.

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